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Alexandria, Egypt, 3/31/2010 - 4/1/2010.
The Arab Human Development Reports written by independent Arab scholars and endorsed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have stimulated endless debates since its inaugural edition in 2002. With the aim of fostering serious dialogue on the issues presented in the report, the UNDP has endorsed a new strategy consisting of high‐level public debates in major Arab cities around the issues of the report. The outcome of the dialogues will be published and will include thoughts and recommendations which may be taken into consideration by governments and civil society organizations. They will also act as a basis for future reports by presenting core issues of concern. The Dialogues began in Beirut in July, 2009 right after the launch of the 5th volume of the Arab Human Development Report and will be hosted across the Arab world by distinguished Arab institutions to provide opportunities for decision makers, intellectuals and civil society to examine the issues raised in the report and study what options exist to deal with the problems of human security in the Arab World. The Alexandria Dialogue hosted by the Library of Alexandria focuses on Environmental Challenges Threatening Human Security in Arab countries from rising sea‐levels to desertification in countries with no shortage in desert, questions about "clean environment" in societies whose economies are built on oil and even the preliminary warnings that upcoming conflicts and wars in the region might be over water... and livelihood.

Alexandria Dialogue - Agenda [English][Arabic]
Alexandria Dialogue - Background Note [English]
Ibrahim Abdel Gelil-Arabian Gulf University [English]
Mr. Adel Abdellatif - Chief, Regional Programme Division – Regional Bureau for Arab States/United Nations Development Programme. [Arabic]
Galal Osman-Director of Solar University [English]
Ahmed Badr-Regional Director-Utilities and Economic Development-European Commission Delegation in Egypt [English]
Boshra Salem-Chair-Department of Environmental Sciences-Faculty of Science-University of Alexandria [Arabic]
Ayman Abou Hadid-President-Agricultural Research Center (ARC)-Ministry of Agricultureand Land Reclamation-Egypt [English]
Wadid Erian-Soil Expert and Head of Land Resource Studies Program-The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) [English]
Raoudha Lahache Gafrej-Professor of Water Resources at the Higher Institute of Applied Biological Sciences of Tunisia (ISSBAT) [Arabic]
Ibrahim ElShennawy-Director of Costal Zones Institute [English]
Maria Luisa Silva Mejias-Deputy Co-ordinator, Officer-in-Charge, United Nations Environment Programme-Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP-MAP) [English]
Abbas Al Naqi-Secretary General-Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries [Arabic]
Mouldi Miled-Co-founder of Desertec Foundation [English]
Janne Virtapohja-Business Manager, Solar and Alternative Energy Science and Engineering Research Center (KAUST)
Ezzat Abdel Hamid-Climate Change Expert [Arabic]
AHDR Contributor and Advisor to the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation-Egypt [Arabic]
Hisham Khatib-Honorary Vice chairman-World Energy Council (WEC) [Arabic]
Hosni Al Khordagui-Director Water Governance Programme in the Arab States [English]
Aziza Akmouch-Policy Analyst, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) [English]
Hassan Janabi-Official representative of Iraq at the UN agencies in Rome [English]
Ahmed Fahmy Abdallah-Ministry of Water Sources-Egypt [English]
Samir Bensaid-Director General-International Institute for Water and Sanitation-National Office for Potable Water (ONEP) in Morocco [English]
Sabah Benjelloun-University of East Anglia (UEA)-Faculty of Social Sciences-Environment, Health and Development Network [Arabic]
Osman Galal-Professor at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) [English]
Fawzi Karajeh-Regional Coordinator-Nile Valley and Sub-Saharan Africa Program (NVSSAP)-ICARDA [English]
Press Releases

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