Arab Knowledge Report 2009

Towards Productive Intercommunication for Knowledge

The Arab Knowledge Report 2009: Towards Productive Intercommunication for Knowledge discusses factors that promote and/or impede knowledge in the Arab region in addition to identifying the level of development it has achieved in the knowledge related fields of education, ICT, and research and innovation.

The concept of "knowledge" sanctioned in the Report embraces all forms of a society's epistemological, scientific and cultural assets. Hence, knowledge becomesa major organising principal of holistic human development that aims to expand opportunities available to the individual Arab to enjoy freedom and an honourable life. Knowledge, in terms of its acquisition, production, indigenisation, and deployment, thus becomes a tool and a goal whose influence ought to reach all levels of society equally and involve all knowledge fields, including the scientific, artistic, cultural, and accumulative societal heritage.

From this pespective, the Report discusses the broad features and key components of the knowledge society and the knowledge economy. It reviews and analyses recent developments in the state of knowledge in the Arab region identifying the gap that divides it from both the advanced world and certain developing countries that have made progress in the production and deployment of knowledge for development.

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