Arab Human Development Report 2002

Creating Opportunities for Future Generations

The Report challenged the Arab world to overcome three deficits: the freedom deficit, women's empowerment, and the knowledge deficit. This report, the first regional HDR for the Arab States, covers 22 countries from the Maghreb to the Gulf.

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Table of Contents

  • Introductory Section: Introductions, Table of Contents
  • Overview: A Future for All
  • Chapter 1: Human Development: Definition, Concept and Larger Context
  • Chapter 2: The State of Human Development in the Arab Region
  • Chapter 3: Building Human Capabilities: The Basics - Life, Health, Habitat
  • Chapter 4: Building Human Capabilities: Education
  • Chapter 5: Using Human Capabilities: Towards A Knowledge Society
  • Chapter 6: Using Human Capabilities: Recapturing Economic Growth and Reducing Human Poverty
  • Chapter 7: Liberating Human Capabilities: Governance, Human Development and the Arab World
  • Chapter 8: Arab Cooperation
  • Annexes: References, Tables and Figures

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