Arab Human Development Report 2003

Building a Knowledge Society

Building a Knowledge Society: Despite the presence of significant human capital in the region, many constraints, including governance, hamper the acquisition, diffusion and production of knowledge in Arab societies. The Report affirms that knowledge can help the region to expand the scope of human freedoms, enhance the capacity to guarantee those freedoms through better governance, and achieve the higher moral human goals of justice and human dignity. It also underlines the importance of knowledge to Arab countries as a powerful driver of economic growth through higher productivity.

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Table of Contents

Part II - Section I: The Concept of an Arab Knowledge Society

  • Chapter 1: Conceptual Framework: Knowledge, Human Development and the Knowledge Society in Arab Countries

Part II - Section II: The State of Knowledge in Arab Countries

  • Chapter 2: Knowledge Dissemination in Arab Countries
  • Chapter 3: Knowledge Production in Arab Countries
  • Chapter 4: Measuring Knowledge Capital in Arab Countries
  • Chapter 5: The Organisational Context of Knowledge Acquisition

Part II - Section III: The Cultural, Socioeconomic and Political Context

Part II - Section IV: A Strategic Vision - The Five Pillars of the Knowledge Society

  • Chapter 9: A Strategic Vision: The Five Pillars of the Knowledge Society
  • Annexes: References, Tables and Figures

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