Arab National Human Development Reports

cover Human Development Report 2007 [English]. 2007
Le present rapport dont le theme est que le developpement territorial offre une vision du developpement humain avec la tentative de calculer l'indicateur de developpement humain (IDH) a un niveau regional. Les indicateurs du developpement humain sont calcules non seulement au niveau national global, mais egalement a une echelle plus fine, ciblant les regions a travers les statistiques nationales d'une part, et d'une autre relative a la desagregation de l'IDH pour le ramener a l'eau echelle des territoires.
cover Algeria - Human Development Report 2006 [French]. 2006
The report presents recent trends in the Human Development Index (HDI) and its various components. It also presents and comments upon other related indices, such as the Poverty Index, the Gender-related Development Index (GDI), and the Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM). The second part of the report is devoted to the question of employment, a central issue for public policy today. Past experience and perspectives favoring growth give rise to reflections about creating decent jobs for the largest number of people.
cover Algeria - Human Development Report 1998 [English]. 1998
Poverty and Employment.

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