Arab National Human Development Reports

cover Syria - Human Development Report 2005 [Arabic]. 2005
This year's National Human Development Report - Education and Human Development: Towards Better Efficiency - focuses on the role of learning in the preparation of young Syrians for impending challenges. Reform of the educational system has been acknowledged as a key strategic initiative for equipping Syrian society with the skills needed to prosper within the framework of a knowledge-based society, characterized by a market economy, good governance, gender equality, human rights and the rule of law.
cover Syria - UNDP Poverty Report 2005 [English][Arabic]. 2005
Poverty in Syria: 1996-2004 - Diagnosis and Pro-Poor Policy Considerations. The study attempts to go beyond traditional poverty analyses, which focus solely on spending for basic social services, by identifying appropriate allocation of resources for economic services. In this vein, the study recommended three key sectors of expansion—agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism—aiming to diversify the economy and foster the needed equity-based growth.
cover Syria - Human Development Report 2000 [Arabic]. 2003

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