Arab National Human Development Reports

cover Djibouti – Human Development Report 2007 [French]. 2007
"Adequation, Training and Employment: Dimension for Human Development" Djibouti's third national Human Development Report tackles the issues of training and employments that are in the core of the human development objective and the MDG goals. This report contributes in improvement national development strategies of employment that will guide government efforts with all its partners for essential human satisfactions with a better life.
cover Djibouti - Human Development Report 2004 [French]. 2004
Gender as a key to achieving the MDG's - stands out as a provocative report that treats subjects e.g. genital mutilation, drug abuse (Khat), HIV/AIDS which are subjects taboo. It capitalizes on the Millennium Development Goal dissemination strategy which strives to facilitate and encourage the participation of those who plead for gender equality and women's rights.
cover Djibouti - Human Development Report 2000 [English]. 2000
This report presents a basic panoramic picture of Djibouti's socio-economic conditions

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