Arab National Human Development Reports

cover Egypt - Human Development Report 2010 [English][Arabic]. 2010
The Egyptian Human Development Report 2010 entitled “Youth in Egypt: Building our Future” is the 11th volume in the series of Egyptian Human Development Reports. The Report focuses on the vital issue of youth in Egypt: their aspirations, the opportunities available to them, the challenges they face in realizing their personal goals, and their potential to contribute to human development in Egypt.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 2008 [English][Arabic]. 2008
The purpose of this report "Egypt’s Social Contract: The Role of Civil Society " has been to distill the knowledge built up nationally and internationally on core issues impacting Egypt’s human development, with topics ranging from decentralization and poverty to a new and more inclusive social contract between state and citizens.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 2005 [English][Arabic]. 2005
Choosing our Future: Toward a New Social Contract - whereby the state encourages further political, social and economic participation from civil society: by extending and integrating institutions that promote democratic practices and are accountable; by raising the quality of public goods and their delivery; and by developing policies that encourage private sector participation in development without adverse distributional effects in between-group share of overall wealth and a cultural and behavioural change such that the values of participation, entrepreneurship, innovation and transparency can prevail. This will require the creation and public dissemination of codes of conduct and accountability for public services, well-designed policies and programs for those basic public institutions that help shape values - schools and the media - the systematic public rewarding of independent thought, tolerance and social responsibility, and the promotion of gender equity.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 2004 [English][Arabic]. 2004
Choosing Decentralization for Good Governance. The Report covers a number of main issues, political, administrative and fiscal decentralization, local governance, private sector participation, voice of the poor, civil service reform, and capacity building
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 2002 - 2003 [English]. 2003
Local Participatory Development.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 2000 - 2001 [English]. 2001
Globalization and Human Development - the report conceptualizes and then explores opportunities and threats posed by globalization, including an assessment of the Egyptians’ economic well-being in a globalized world.
cover Human Development Report 1998 - 1999 [English]. 2000
The Report focuses on education from the human development perspective on the understanding that it plays a critical role in laying out and enlarging the base for human capital in any given country and in the redistribution of human wealth, and hence could be considered the most important asset for the poor.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 1998-1999 [English]. 1999
Human Development Report on Education - The report tackled education from the human development perspective stating that one of the main reasons behind selecting this theme is that education plays a critical role, not only in laying out and enlarging the base for human capital in any given country, but also in the redistribution of human wealth, and can be considered the most important, if not the only, asset for the poor. The Report further reveals that the human development approach emphasizes that people's ability to read and write, be knowledgeable, capable and healthy should be considered as ends in themselves, with positive effects on labor productivity, physical environment and reduced poverty as welcomed consequences. It further indicates that human development sees education as a value in itself and as a means.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 1997 - 1998 [English]. 1997
The fourth annual report 1997-1998 probes into one of the major issues: namely how to achieve a balanced human development. The report analyzes the inter and intra sector allocation of budget resources. It also examines household spending on social services and draws detailed data of the government budget and special field survey of household patterns of social expenditure.
cover Egypt- Human Development Report 1996 [English]. 1996
The report is largely concerned with the problem of poverty and income distribution. The authors analyze the human development process in Egypt by considering the impact of different reform policies on socio-economic variables with a focus on the Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program (ERSAP). In addition, the report describes the specially tailored Semi-Participatory Assessment Survey (SPAS), which focused on exploring people's perceptions regarding living conditions, as well as attempting to understand their behavior and attitudes. The report finds that poverty changes in Egypt are highly sensitive to economic growth. Economic growth would enlarge the opportunities for the poor to enjoy the benefits of increases in output. Hence, the report concludes, poverty reduction requires enhanced growth.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 1995 [English]. 1995
Human Development Report on Participation and Gender. The Report focuses on the concept of human development as a participatory process in Egypt.
cover Egypt - Human Development Report 1994 [English]. 1994
The Concept and Measurement of Human Development as Participatory Process. The Report introduces the concept and measurements in addition to an assessment of the status of human development (HD) in Egypt. The Report gives guidelines on how the concept of HD can be operationalized in Egypt and attempts to explain the low level of HD in Egypt and find solutions to improve its position.

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