Arab National Human Development Reports

cover Jordan - Arab Human Development Report 2011 [English]. 2011
The report highlights the essential role played by micro, small and medium enterprises in the promotion of human development in the country, and through four main pillars, namely economic growth, that is inclusive and pro-poor, social progress, participation, empowerment throw micro finance, and environmental sustainability. The report consists of eight chapters dealing with: the concept of human development through small and medium enterprises, human development in Jordan, economic growth, social progress, empowerment, the role of microfinance to empower less advantaged groups, and a chapter on sustainable development.
cover Jordan - Human Development Report 2004 [English][Arabic]. 2004
Building sustainable livelihoods, is Jordan’s second National Human Development Report. The report places the discussion of poverty and the poor at the centre of analysis and attempts to capture the diverse and dynamic characteristics of poverty through the eyes of the poor themselves. The theme of that report is that human development gains achieved at the macro-level in Jordan have yet to trickle down to many sub-groups among the poor. The report provides detailed recommendations to accelerate this process and to enhance positive outcomes for the poor.
cover Jordan - Human Development Report 2000 [English]. 2000
Human Development Report on Youth. This Report, Jordan's first National Human Development Report, focuses on the condition and role of young people in the country, arguing that the capacity of young Jordanians to contribute to national development and to compete in the global economy will determine whether Jordan remains a low middle income country or joins the ranks of the world's advanced economies.

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