Arab National Human Development Reports

cover Lebanon - Human Development Report 2008, 2009 [English]. 2009
Toward a Citizen’s State is the fourth National Human Development Report (NHDR) for Lebanon. Work commenced on this current report at the end of 2005 in partnership with the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR). Citizenship is the primary theme of this report which addresses citizenship and the sectarian state, and the relationship of the state, its institutions, its constitution including personal status laws to citizen. It also focuses on socio-economic citizenship rights and considers social policies from the view-points of citizenship rights and comprehensive social development. In addition to that, the report looks into citizenship, culture, education and communal identities.
cover Lebanon - Human Development Report 2001-2002 [English][Arabic][French]. 2002
Globalization: Towards a Lebanese Agenda. The report argues that human development is a process of expanding people's choices and capabilities. The report focuses on Lebanon's crucial "drivers" of globalization and explores how they can contribute to Lebanon's integration into the globalized world by increasing their investment in the human capital and social protection policies.
cover Lebanon - Human Development Report 1998 [English]. 1998
Youth and Development. The Report provides a national perspective of human development in the light of the experience of the past years and discusses the subject of youth and development.
cover Lebanon - Human Development Report 1997 [English]. 1997
The report "A Profile of Sustainable Human Development in Lebanon" seeks to inform about the situation and issues involved in sustainable human development in the country. It emphasis on people as being the real wealth of a nation; its perception of human development as a process of broadening people’s choices, and enabling and equipping them to participate in decisions affecting their lives and well-being.

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