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Regional Arab Human Development Reports

cover Arab Human Development Report 2009 [English][Arabic][French]. 2009
"Challenges to human security in the Arab countries" is the fifth volume in the series of Arab Human Development Reports sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme and independently authored by intellectuals and scholars from Arab countries. The report argues that human security is a prerequisite for human development, and that the widespread absence of human security in Arab countries undermines people’s options.
cover Arab Human Development Report 2009 – Youth forum synthesis report [English][Arabic]. 2008
cover Arab Human Development Report 2005 [English][Arabic][French]. 2005
"Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World," The report presents a compelling argument as to why realising the full potential of Arab women is an indispensable pre-requisite for development in all Arab states
cover Arab Human Development Report 2004 [English][Arabic]. 2004
"Towards Freedom in the Arab World." The report focuses on the deficit of freedom and good governance and calls for far-reaching legal and political reforms.
cover Arab Human Development Report 2003 [English][Arabic]. 2003
Building a Knowledge Society - Building a Knowledge Society: Despite the presence of significant human capital in the region, many constraints, including governance, hamper the acquisition, diffusion and production of knowledge in Arab societies. The Report affirms that knowledge can help the region to expand the scope of human freedoms, enhance the capacity to guarantee those freedoms through better governance, and achieve the higher moral human goals of justice and human dignity. It also underlines the importance of knowledge to Arab countries as a powerful driver of economic growth through higher productivity.
cover Arab Human Development Report 2002 [English][Arabic][French]. 2002
"Creating Opportunities for Future Generations." The Report challenged the Arab world to overcome three deficits: the freedom deficit, women’s empowerment, and the knowledge deficit. This report, the first regional HDR for the Arab States, covers 22 countries from the Maghreb to the Gulf.