Arab Women and Civil Society [Arabic]. 2005
Civil Society an Arab World Update [Arabic]. 2005
Civil Society Role in Empowerment of Women [Arabic]. 2005
Development Divide in a Digital Age: An Issues paper [English]. 2001
This paper considers the role that information and communications technologies (ICTs) can realistically be expected to play in improving the level of living and quality of life of people in different parts of the world.
Egypt - Human Development Report 2008 [English][Arabic]. 2008
The purpose of this report "Egypt’s Social Contract: The Role of Civil Society " has been to distill the knowledge built up nationally and internationally on core issues impacting Egypt’s human development, with topics ranging from decentralization and poverty to a new and more inclusive social contract between state and citizens.
Human Rights and Social Development: Towards Democratization and Social Justice [English]. 2001
This paper reviews the progress made toward the objectives of the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and Programme of Action by using a human rights strategy. This strategy assumes that the norms and machinery of human rights would inform decisions on development policies.
NGOs, Governance and Development in the Arab World [English][French]. 2002
From the MOST Clearinghouse. This is an overview of the difficulties that associations and NGOs in the Arab world are facing to be recognized as true actors of development by Sarah Ben Néfissa. UNESCO- Discussion Paper No. 46, 2002
Role of International Organizations in Empowering Women in the Arab Region [Arabic]. 2005
Social and Cultural Participation of Arab Women [Arabic]. 2006

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