Accelerating Progress in Girls' Education [English][French]. 2003
This booklet describes how the United Nations' Children Fund (UNICEF) is concentrating resources, intensifying interventions and working closely with national governments and a wide range of partners to reach out-of-school girls in 25 'acceleration' countries.
Bahrain - Human Development Report 2001 [Arabic]. 2001
Labor market, education and the challenges of human development.
Comprehensive Development of Education in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries [English]. 2002
This is an introduction of the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to the Study of the Directives Stated in the Supreme Council Resolution: 23rd session of the GCC held in Doha, December 2002. The study stressed the importance of enhancing the quality of education in order to respond to the challenges of development.
Egypt - Human Development Report 1998-1999 [English]. 1999
Human Development Report on Education - The report tackled education from the human development perspective stating that one of the main reasons behind selecting this theme is that education plays a critical role, not only in laying out and enlarging the base for human capital in any given country, but also in the redistribution of human wealth, and can be considered the most important, if not the only, asset for the poor. The Report further reveals that the human development approach emphasizes that people's ability to read and write, be knowledgeable, capable and healthy should be considered as ends in themselves, with positive effects on labor productivity, physical environment and reduced poverty as welcomed consequences. It further indicates that human development sees education as a value in itself and as a means.
From Information Society to Knowledge Societies [English][Arabic]. 2005
This report tackles four key principles that are essential for the development of equitable knowledge societies building which are equal access to education; freedom of expression; universal access to information based on a guarantee of a strong public domain of information; and the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity, including multilingualism.
Human Development Report 1998 - 1999 [English]. 2000
The Report focuses on education from the human development perspective on the understanding that it plays a critical role in laying out and enlarging the base for human capital in any given country and in the redistribution of human wealth, and hence could be considered the most important asset for the poor.
Quality Assessment of Computer Science and Business Administration Education in Arab Universities: A Regional Overview Report [English]. 2005
The report was based on detailed internal and external reviews of Computer Science programmes in a group of 15 Arab universities (2002-2003), and of Business Administration programmes in a group of 16 Arab universities (2003-2004).
Quality Assessment of Education Programmes in Arab Universities: Regional Overview Report [English]. 2006
The report is based on detailed internal and external reviews of education programmes in a group 23 of Arab universities. The report is part of the United Nations Development Programme, Regional Bureau for Arab States Higher Education Project Enhancement of Quality Assurance and Institutional planning in Arab Universities.
Saudi Arabia - Human Development Report 2003 [English]. 2003
The report discusses the health and education services of Saudi Arabia drawing attention to important achievements in the kingdom’s human development programs and explores the consequences of Saudi Arabia’s rapid population growth, which in turn necessitates wider distribution of development benefits, increased education and health services, and greater employment.
Somalia - Human Development Report 1998 [English]. 1998
The report covers many relevant issues such as nutrition and food security, health, gender, drug abuse and natural environment. The two central themes of the report are education and governance.
Syria - Human Development Report 2005 [Arabic]. 2005
This year's National Human Development Report - Education and Human Development: Towards Better Efficiency - focuses on the role of learning in the preparation of young Syrians for impending challenges. Reform of the educational system has been acknowledged as a key strategic initiative for equipping Syrian society with the skills needed to prosper within the framework of a knowledge-based society, characterized by a market economy, good governance, gender equality, human rights and the rule of law.
UNDP - Human Development in South Asia 1998 [English]. 1998
The Human Development in South Asia - The Education Challenge. This report represents a highly distributing profile of education in the countries of South Asia; it also focuses on the basic education for all children in the South Asian Region.

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