Energy Subsidies in the Arab World [English][Arabic]. 2012
Arab Environment: Future Challenges [English][Arabic]. 2008
This is the first yearly report of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development. This policy-oriented appraises the state of the environment- based on the most recent data- and evaluates the progress towards the realization of sustainable development targets, assesses current policies and examines Arab contribution to global environmental endeavors and proposes alternative policies and remedial action.
Arab Public Opinion & the Environment Conference Report of 18-Country Survey [English][Arabic]. 2006
The survey on environmental trends in Arab countries was organized by Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment & Development) magazine, in cooperation with the Regional Office for West Asia of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/ROWA) and the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE).
Energy and Arab Economic Development [English]. 2012
Environment Outlook for the Arab Region - Environment for Development and Human Well-being [Arabic]. 2010
This outlook is the first official, comprehensive, and integrated assessment of the state of environment in the Arab region that provides a base for policy formulation in the region. The report was prepared in response to a decision by the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for the Environment, in its 17th session, held at the headquarters of the Secretariat-General of the League of Arab States, in Cairo, Egypt, in December 2005.
Human Rights and Environment [English]. 2002
The Commission on Human Rights organized a seminar ahead of the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in South Africa, in September 2002. These background papers were presented by experts from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP )to review and assess the progress achieved since the Conference in promoting and protecting human rights in relation to environmental questions and in the framework of Agenda 21.
Impact of Climate Change on the Arab Countries [English][Arabic]. 2009
The report is designed to provide information to governments, business, academia and the public about the impact of climate change on the Arab countries, and encourage concrete action to face the challenge. This is the second of a series of annual reports produced by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development.
Land Degradation Assessment and Prevention: Selected Case Studies from the ESCWA Region - 2007 [English]. 2007
This report examines the extent, causes and impact of land degradation, reviews some of the major issues that allow the assessment of land degradation programmes and focuses on case studies from selected countries in the region, namely Egypt, Jordan, the Syrian Arab Republic and the United Arab Emirates. These case studies review the major challenges facing the selected areas, the major activities conducted, and their achievements. Finally this report reviews the lessons that can be learned from successful interventions and then provides some action-oriented recommendations.
Mapping of Climate Change Threats and Human Development Impacts in the Arab Region [English][Arabic]. 2010
This report aims to present a comprehensive desk review and mapping exercise for an overview of the impact of climate change on the Arab region.
Qatar - Human Development Report 2009 [English][Arabic]. 2009
"Advancing Sustainable Development - Qatar National Vision 2030" is Qatar's second Human Development Report. The report underscores major environmental challenges that Qatar faces and that need to be appropriately resolved, particularly achieving water security, reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency, and mitigating risks that threaten the safety of the marine environment. The Report argues that assessing the severity of risks and handling required change will entail mobilizing resources, coordinating efforts and putting appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks in place. It is published by Qatar General Secretariat for Development Planning.
Regional Conference Booklet on Environmental Crimes in the Arab States [English][Arabic]. 2009
This booklet comprises the presentations and studies that were presented in the regional conference on “Environmental Crimes in the Arab States” held in Beirut, Lebanon on March 17-18, 2009, in cooperation with UNDP Lebanon and the Lebanese Ministry of Justice. The booklet addresses the following themes: environmental situation in the Arab states, definition and overview of environmental crimes, legislative frameworks for the prevention of environmental crimes, role of public prosecution in combating environmental crimes, and the approaches and techniques for the prevention of environmental crimes.
Southern Sudan Environmental Threats and Opportunities Assessment: Biodiversity and Tropical Forest Assessment [English]. 2007
Southern Sudan contains rich biodiversity resources, some of which are highly threatened. Due to the civil war, little natural resources data had been collected over the last 25 years. Recent efforts, such as the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Flora and Fauna International (FFI) aerial surveys, are beginning to fill data gaps. These population censuses have shown that significant wildlife still exists in Southern Sudan despite the years of war and lack of wildlife management and conservation.
The Integration of Gender Issues in Development Policies and Programmes - Water Sources and Environmental Protection [Arabic]. 2008

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