Arab Youth Strategising for the Millennium Development Goals [English][Arabic]. 2006
A collection of working papers on the impact of globalisation on Arab youth in middle, poor, rural, and urban societies, and the cultural repercussions of globalisation, on youth and the labour market that draws a link between unemployment, the political, social, and economic conditions in the Arab Region, on youth and governance, and on family and gender relations that tackles broad dynamics related to reproductive health in the region.
Economic Globalization, Institutional Change and Human Security [English]. 1997
This paper considers the sources and consequences of human insecurity and explores some of the policy and institutional alternatives for its mitigation. The paper was originally prepared for and delivered at a conference on “Social Movements in the Third World — Economy, Politics and Culture”, held at the Department of Sociology, University of Lund, in August 1993.
Egypt - Human Development Report 2000 - 2001 [English]. 2001
Globalization and Human Development - the report conceptualizes and then explores opportunities and threats posed by globalization, including an assessment of the Egyptians’ economic well-being in a globalized world.
Globalization and the Least Developed Countries: Issues in Technology [English]. 2007
The paper argues that the promotion of technological changes will effectively contribute to form part of a strategy which is aimed at developing productive capacities and expanding employment. It discusses the processes of technological learning, through which the capability to use and improve technologies is put in place, together with technological innovation, through which appropriate new technologies are used to deliver new or improved products to markets.
Globalization and the State: Challenges for Economic Growth and Human Development [English]. 2004
The present report focuses on tools and frameworks of accountability and transparency, as well as judicial reforms and regulatory frameworks to cope with rapid globalization in a manner that stimulates investors' trust and promotes trade, investment and growth on the one hand and on the other, initiate measures that are vital for protecting the interests of the poor and the vulnerable groups.
Globalization, NGOs, and Multi-Sectoral Relations [English]. 2000
This paper seeks to make sense of the impact of globalization on nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations. It argues that globalization processes have contributed to the rising numbers and influence of NGOs in many countries, and particularly in the international arena and considers whether the emergence of domestic and international NGOs as important policy makers strengthens or weakens the future of democratic accountability, and suggests several patterns of interaction among civil society, government and business in future governance issues.
Globalization, Structural Adjustment and Transformations in Rural Societies in Arab Mediterranean [English][Arabic]. 2000
Comparative research with the Northern Rim of the Mediterranean Sea.
Law-making for trade Liberalization & Investment Promotion in Jordan [English]. 2005
Despite many challenges, structural reforms remain the Jordanian kingdom’s best bet in the short run to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization, while containing its risks. Now in tandem with WTO membership, a Free Trade Agreement with the United States and an Association Agreement with the European Commission Jordan has secured a unique position in the Arab world vis-à-vis the West.
Lebanon - Human Development Report 2001-2002 [English][Arabic][French]. 2002
Globalization: Towards a Lebanese Agenda. The report argues that human development is a process of expanding people's choices and capabilities. The report focuses on Lebanon's crucial "drivers" of globalization and explores how they can contribute to Lebanon's integration into the globalized world by increasing their investment in the human capital and social protection policies.
Public Administration and Globalization: Enhancing Public-Private Collaboration in Public Service Delivery [English]. 2003
This publication seeks to highlight the experiences of various states and institutions in bringing together state and market mechanisms to introduce new forms of producing and delivering public services which were traditionally delivered through purely state mechanisms.
Structural Adjustment, Global Integration and Social Democracy [English]. 1992
This paper provides a global and integrated perspective on the adjustment process defined as increased reliance on market forces and reduced role of the state in economic management. Structural adjustment is a world-wide phenomenon with an interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship with the globalization process.
UNDP - Human Development in Arctic Regional 2004 [English]. 2004
Arctic Regional Human Development Report. This report identify problems in the Arctic Region, it also lift out success stories that can be studied and possibly adapted by policymakers and people throughout the region for a better human development.
UNDP - Human Development in South Asia 2001 [English]. 2001
The Human Development in South Asia 2001 – Globalization and Human Development. This report tackles the subject of globalization. It requires many enlightened policies on the part of national governments, international organizations, private sector and civil society to translate the benefits of economic growth that result from globalization into enriching lives of ordinary people.
UNDP - Human Development Report 1999 [English][French]. 1999
Globalization with a Human Face. The Report argues that globalization is not new, but that the present era of globalization, driven by competitive global markets, is outpacing the governance of markets and the repercussions on people. Characterized by “shrinking space, shrinking time and disappearing borders”, globalization has swung open the door to opportunities. Breakthroughs in communications technologies and biotechnology, if directed for the needs of people, can bring advances for all of humankind.
UNDP - Human Development Report 2007/2008 [English][Arabic][French]. 2008
Fighting Climate Change: Human Solidarity in a divided World. This report was a combination of two years work about the most defining human development issue of our generation which is climate change. This report contains four chapters that tackle all climate change aspects with its reasons and recommendations.
UNDP - Human Development Report 2009 [English][Arabic][French]. 2009
Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development. The starting point of this report is that the global distribution of capabilities is extraordinarily unequal, and that this is a major driver for movement of people. This report investigates migration in the context of demographic changes and trends in both growth and inequality. It also presents more detailed and nuanced individual, family and village experiences, and explores less visible movements typically pursued by disadvantaged groups such as short term and seasonal migration.
World Public Sector Report: Globalization and the State [English]. 2001
The Report emphasizes the importance of the role the State must assume with respect to globalization at the national and international levels.

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