Job Creation in the Arab Economies: Navigating Through Difficult Waters [English][Arabic]. 2010
Population and Development Report: the Development Window: An Opportunity for Development in the Arab Countries  [English]. 2005
This report is based on assumptions that the timing of a demographic impact plays a major role in the development process, because it is bound up with the human lifecycle and the impact therefore differs in terms of the changing age structure of the population. 
Strengthening the Employment Impact of an MDG-Based Development Strategy for Yemen [English]. 2006
Country Study by Terry McKinley and Farhad Mehran published by the International Poverty Center, No. 4, 2006. The study seeks to identify employment policies for Yemen that would support an ambitious MDF-based development strategy.
Tunisia - Human Development Report 2001 [French]. 2002
Health, Education & Employment.

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