A Comparative Report on Investment Promotion Legislation in Arab Countries and non-Arab Countries. [Arabic]. 2002
Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor [English][French]. 2008
Growing Inclusive Markets offers a series of global, regional and national reports developed in collaboration with UNDP's global network of Country Offices to provide deep analysis on low-income markets, their inclusiveness and local specificities in terms of business opportunities, market constraints and solution approaches.
Euro-Arab Partnership: Rationale & Benefits [Arabic]. 2001
This abstract reviews Arab-European partnership and its economic and social impact on the Arab region through analyzing the experience of Arab countries that signed partnership agreements pertaining to commercial exchange, flow of investments and immigration.
Information Economy Report 2005 [English][Arabic][French]. 2005
The report highlights the extent to which developing countries are striving to close the gap that separates the “information haves and have-nots”. It describes the enormous challenges the world still faces in key areas such as increasing access to the Internet and strengthening the security of the online environment. It also shows that when there is awareness, political will and stakeholder involvement in national “e-strategies”, progress in the use of ICTs for development is already an exciting reality.
Information Economy Report 2006: the Development Perspective [English][Arabic][French]. 2006
This report is designed to help policymakers in developing countries make informed choices in the field of ICT and e-business. It analyses the specific policy challenges facing developing countries, proposes possible means to address them and identifies and disseminates existing international best practice.
Information Economy Report 2007-2008: Science and Technolgy for Development: The New Paradigm of ICT [English][Arabic][French]. 2008
This report analyses the contribution of information and communication technology (ICT) to growth and development. It highlights the importance of open access to knowledge and, hence, the importance of diffusion and sharing of knowledge and technology, especially in the case of developing countries.
Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation: Annual Reports [English][Arabic].
The Annual Reports of the Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation which includes an Overview of Global and Arab Economic Developments and a Summary of the Corporation’s Activities.
UNDP - Asia Pacific Human Development Report 2006 [English]. 2006
Trade on Human Terms: Transforming Trade for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific. This report examines the changes required in the world's trading system. It draws on the diverse experience of the region to propose a comprehensive development strategy that effectively combines trade liberalization with the promotion of poverty reduction.

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