A Framework for Action on Water and Sanitation [English]. 2002
A WEHAB -Water, Energy, Health, Agriculture and Biodiversity- initiative paper. This thematic paper provides a broad view of existing normative and programmatic frameworks in the water and sanitation area, to highlight inter-linkages among the sectors, to identify key gaps and challenges and to highlight areas where further action is needed. The WEHAB initiative was proposed by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as a contribution to the preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).
Arab Climate Resilience Initiative - Key Indicators for Arab Countries [English]. 2010
The Arab Climate Resilience Initiative (ACRI) is a UNDP programme that aims to address the challenges of climate change by connecting stakeholders in the Arab States to innovative knowledge, partnerships and solutions.
Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development [English]. 2009
This is the Bank’s first on the issue of water in the West Bank and Gaza (WBG). The report provides comprehensive insight into a critical, but largely unaddressed component of the economic restrictions impeding Palestinian economic development limited access to natural resources. The report finds that the joint governance rules and water allocations established under the 1995 Oslo interim agreement, still in effect today, fall short of the needs of the Palestinian people and the Israeli-imposed movement and access restrictions have further impaired Palestinian access to water resources, infrastructure development and utility operations. The report recommends the adoption of an agenda that clearly addresses identified shortcomings in water resource development and management, the formulation of effective solutions to the existing problems.
Comprehensive Assessment of the Freshwater Resources of the World [English][Arabic][French]. 1997
This report presents policy options designed to improve understanding of how to reach sustainable levels of water use, while satisfying a wide range of needs including agricultural irrigation, industrial development, domestic use and water to maintain natural ecosystems.
Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target: The Urban and Rural Challenge of the Decade [English]. 2006
This report looks at the challenge of meeting the Millennium Development Goals target for drinking water and sanitation. Achieving the target poses two major challenges, a rapid pace of urbanization, which requires a major effort even to keep up the current coverage levels, a huge backlog of rural people unserved with basic sanitation and safe drinking water, which calls for an intensive mobilization of resources to reduce the vase coverage gap between urban and rural population.
Population and Development Report – Water Scarcity in the Arab World – 2003 [English]. 2003
This report examines the severity of freshwater shortages in the Arab region, the impact of such shortages on the population and the challenges that Arab countries face in meeting a growing demand for safe water. It explores options and strategies available to governments in controlling scarce freshwater supplies and in managing demands through conservation and the use of efficient technologies. Additionally, this report investigates demographic trends in the Arab region with the aim of reducing long-term pressure on water.
Shared Waters – Shared Opportunities: Transboundary Waters in the ESCWA Region - 2009 [English]. 2009
This fact sheet opens with an outline of the general principles of international water law and the major international conventions on shared water, before delineating the major transboundary river basins and shared water aquifers in the ESCWA region. It also highlights on some of the most important transboundary water bodies in the region.
The Integration of Gender Issues in Development Policies and Programmes - Water Sources and Environmental Protection [Arabic]. 2008
Water as a Human Right for the Middle East and North Africa [English]. 2008
This is a publication of the International Development Research Centre. After a thorough analysis of the development of the concept of water as a human right with special emphasis to the MENA countries, the book considers water governance in each country, the right to water in view of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the implications of the access to water nationally, internationally and the role of both the civil society and public sector.

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