Arab Climate Resilience Initiative - Key Indicators for Arab Countries [English]. 2010
The Arab Climate Resilience Initiative (ACRI) is a UNDP programme that aims to address the challenges of climate change by connecting stakeholders in the Arab States to innovative knowledge, partnerships and solutions.
Linking Climate Change Policies to Human Development Analysis and Advocacy [English][Arabic]. 2009
The guidance note aims at facilitating the production of thematic human development reports and to integrate human development analysis and advocacy into more equitable, sustainable and climate-resilient development planning and policy debates. The note provides practical suggestions on ways that national reports can complement existing climate change responses and broader development initiatives.
Mapping of Climate Change Threats and Human Development Impacts in the Arab Region [English][Arabic]. 2010
This report aims to present a comprehensive desk review and mapping exercise for an overview of the impact of climate change on the Arab region.
Sudan Food Security Outlook [English]. 2010
Food Security Outlook report from the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.
The Political Economy Of Climate Change in the Arab Region [English][Arabic]. 2013

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