Global Policy Forum [English].
GPF founded, in December 1993 by group of citizens from several countries, monitors global policymaking at the United Nations and promotes a more open, accountable and democratic policy process at the global level. GPF is based in New York City and has consultative status at the UN. GFP's objectives are: to strengthen international peace and human security; to insure financial resources for the UN's programs and to foster an environment of social and economic policy at the global level so as to win greater rights, equality and social justice.
Human Security Report Project [English].
The Human Security Report Project (HSRP)'s mission is to conduct research on global and regional trends in political violence, their causes and consequences and to make this research accessible to the policy and research communities, the media, educators and the interested public.
International Alert [English].
International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organisation that works to lay the foundations for lasting peace and security in communities affected by violent conflict.

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