Citizenship 360° in the Arab region

The Citizenship 360° survey is an initiative by the Arab Human Development Report that set out to apply new technologies and use citizen-generated data to collect perceptions in 12 Arab countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen.

The survey questions were derived from the scientific questionnaire developed in the framework of the United Nations My World initiative to help monitor the Sustainable Development Goals. They were adapted to the priorities identified in the 2019 AHDR Research Paper Leaving No One Behind: Towards Inclusive Citizenship in Arab Countries and clustered around five forces of exclusion: unaccountable governance, socio economic exclusion, discrimination, spatial exclusion, and shocks and fragilities (see Figure opposite).

UNDP contracted the US-based company Premise to administer the survey through a Premise-built mobile application. The survey ran during the period 15 May–31 July 2019, obtaining a total of 6,722 responses in 12 countries, about 500 responses per country. While the sample is too small to be representative of in-country diversities, it does hint at potential drivers of exclusion, compounded sources of grievances, and nuances among countries. In Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Yemen, the survey was made available through the app. Enumerators who entered responses in the same app for multiple contributors were hired in Syria, Somalia, and Libya, where payment providers were not available through the app.

Adapted from UNDP (2018). “What does it mean to leave no one behind? A UNDP discussion paper and framework for implementation.”

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