“The Arab development crisis has widened, deepened and grown more complex to a degree that demands the full engagement of all Arab citizens in comprehensive reform in order to spearhead a human renaissance in the region.”

Arab Human Development Report 2004

The report focuses on the deficit of freedom and good governance in the region and calls for far-reaching legal and political reforms. Towards this goal, UNDP has launched regional projects aimed at supporting better and more inclusive governance, including:

Regional Electoral Support project

The Regional Electoral Support project aims to enhance the credibility, transparency, effectiveness and sustainability of democratic institutions and processes in the region.

The project is focused on strengthening regional cooperation and knowledge among electoral stakeholders, establishing and enhancing capacities of key actors, and reinforcing inclusive political participation, particularly through engagement of women and youth. Find out more

Secretary-General of the Central Election Commission of Palestine, Ms. Lamis Alami, votes for a new president and executive board of the Organization of Arab Electoral Management Bodies (ArabEMBs), Jordan 2019.

Anti-corruption and Integrity in the Arab countries (ACIAC)

ACIAC helps partners to develop national capacities to enhance transparency and accountability across different sectors and stakeholders in support of implementing the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

Initially focusing on and establishing a regional network of critical integrity mechanisms and institutions, including anti-corruption commissions, the project expanded to focus on preventing corruption in key sectors that deliver public services and generate state revenues using innovative methodologies. Find out more

Youth in the regional meeting “Towards an Arab Youth Vision to Protect Development from the Risk of Corruption”, Tunisia, 2019. “Universities Against Corruption” aims at transforming universities into platforms for raising awareness and promoting constructive engagement of students.