“Globalization and accelerating technological advances have opened doors to unprecedented opportunities, but they have also posed a new risk: that of being left behind as the rate of change accelerates, often outpacing state capacity”

Arab Human Development Report 2002

The first edition of the AHDR published in 2002, revolved around creating opportunities for future generations. It points out that the region can capitalize on economies of scale and achieve sustained and equitable economic growth by adopting multi-sectoral approach that relies both on strengthening human development and leveraging ICT and digital technologies.

Towards this goal, UNDP has launched the Arab Economic Integration for Sustainable Development (AEISD) regional project.

AEISD works to mainstream trade for inclusive and sustainable growth in the Arab region and to enhance the competitiveness of its exports through modernization and reform of economic and trade policies, and promotion of Arab connectivity by facilitating cross-border operations between targeted countries. Find out more

Loaded trucks at the Aqaba Logistics Village, Jordan 2019. At the customs processing center, staff of customs agencies use the customs automated system for control and clearance which helps tackle corruption, collusion for tax evasion and smuggling of goods and commodities.